New Midwest Housing Development Takes Advantage of Nature

lake-michigan-real-estateFor many of us nature enthusiasts, new housing or real estate developments are met with mixed emotions. On the one hand, they can be destructive to nature and the natural habitat of many bird species. On the other hand, places are pretty hard up for jobs right now—especially in the Midwest—so people will take work where they can find it, and they won’t complain about it.

Well, recently a group of land developers has bridged the two concerns for a beautiful development that does an amazing job at preserving habitat for birds and wildlife while creating over 100 new jobs.

Lakefront Home Development Celebrates Nature

A group of real estate investors have recently struck up talks about starting a Spring lake lakefront home development project that could build as many as 50 new homes on the shores of Lake Michigan. You can contact a Lake Michigan realtor if you want more information.

Anyone from Cincinnati knows that a great resource and treasure the Great Lakes are, but not many people outside of the tri-state area are so familiar. The Great Lakes are the largest bodies of fresh water on the entire globe. That is pretty amazing!

Thousands of jobs depend on them, from fishing, hunting, shipping, to just about anything you can think of. They are home to thousands of wildlife species not found anywhere else on the planet.

They are also beautiful recreational spots. People come from all over the place to visit and vacation on the Great Lakes, and many people dream of someday owning a White lake Michigan home, so they can have access to all of the resources the Great Lakes have to offer.

Well, as I mentioned above, a new housing development is in its planning stages to construct 50 new homes in Lake Michigan, but they plan on doing so in a way that limits environmental impact.

Many of the homebuyers have expressly stated their love for the natural layout of the dunes and the trees and want to preserve as much wildlife as they possible can.

This is housing development done right. Now, this community will create 100 new jobs that will help feed families and give them a place to live, but our birds and other animals don’t have to suffer.

It’s great to see a group of investors so passionate about the wildlife in their own communities.

Other Housing Amenities

Other amenities of the development include nature hikes and animal preserves. The nature walks are an especially cool feature if you ask me because it gives people a chance to get out and enjoy nature—even if it is in their own back yard.

For someone living on and Michigan waterfront property, there isn’t always the opportunity to have a nature path in your back yard. Sometimes lakefront homes are crammed together to get as many people as possible on the lake, but not with this development.

If people can go out and experience nature, they are more likely to appreciate it for what it is. If they can see and hear the bird chirping around them, they are more likely to pay attention to them.

I can’t wait to see how this development unfolds—I only wish I could afford one of the homes myself!